Our Major Sponsors - August 2016

North Qld Amateur Turf Club Inc. .. 27th August 2016

The North Queensland Amateur Turf Club welcomes sponsors and businesses alike to take up race day options such as “The Rails Run’ marquee packages. Such packages provide the perfect opportunity to enable businesses and private individuals to acquire a marquee area within which clients and guests can be entertained.

Further details on these options can be obtained through directly contacting the North Queensland Amateur Turf Club.

Full details in relation to sponsorship opportunities as indicated above and available within our forthcoming racing carnival are attached for your consideration.

The management committee of the North Queensland Amateur Turf Club takes our role and leadership within this racing carnival as a serious business venture. Our management committee is dedicated to, and clearly aware of the responsibility placed upon them by their members to produce a triumphant carnival. We are equally as dedicated to providing sponsors value for their investment and an opportunity to promote and market their product and / or services throughout the carnival and also during the year to the membership base.

Every decision is made with the best interests in mind of racing in the north, the members and the sponsors who support the club.

We look forward to the opportunity of promoting your business and providing yourself and your guests with a fantastic social and networking outcome during this year’s Townsville Amateurs.

Sponsors for the 2016 Townsville Amateurs: